Information on BARF

Our litters here at Classique are weaned onto BARF (Bones and Raw Food) or
(Biologically Acceptable Raw Food).  If you don't already feed BARF, please educate yourself on this diet.  There are many pre-packaged BARF foods available that make it very easy or you can do it yourself for less money. In simple terms, it's kind of like a raw Atkin's diet.  It does take some more time but is not more expensive if you prepare it yourself.  The pre-packaged BARF food can be more expensive initially but you may very well save money in the long run for vet bills with a healthier dog.  If you
cannot feed BARF in one way or another, please feed one of the top quality pet foods as recommended by the Whole Dog Journal.  All options are listed below.  Remember, we are only a phone call or email away if you need help.

Article on ingredients in Dog Food, please read:

Dawn Gabig
Classique Berners


It would be GREAT if you could join the "NaturalBerners" email group on Yahoo.  This list talks about natural feeding and alternative medicines and vitamins for your Berner.  They have great information in the "files" section on how to start, diet plans, etc.

Jennifer Lennon is the moderator.  If you can't join when you try the instructions below, then email her privately.  Jennifer's email address:

Instructions on how to join:

Send a blank email to:

Note: You will need a Yahoo ID first.  If you don't already have one, go to and sign up.  This is the software that most Berner lists use for "groups".  There are dozens of groups you may want to try.

If you MUST feed kibble, I do require one of the Top Quality Kibbles as listed by the Whole Dog Journal.  Hopefully the following list will make it easy for you to find one or more of these foods at a distributor near you.

Azmira "Classic"
Back to Basics - chicken
Best In Show 'Power Food'
Eagle Pack "Holistic Select Canine 24/7"
Flint River - "Dry Water"
Natural Balance "Ultra Premium"
Pinnacle - chicken
Prime Life - adult
Solid Gold Health - "Millennia"
Showbound Naturals - chicken & brown rice
Timberwolf Organics - lamb barley & apples
Wellness - fish & sweet potato


Pre-packaged BARF suppliers: for Sojourner Farms for Essex Cottage Farms
This company mixes 70% meat and bone with 10% organ meat and 20% vegetables
AAFCO complete meal with meat, bone, vegetables and fruit
Billinghurst's recipe plus books and other information - a great site
Meat, Organ Meat/bone, Vegetables and fruit
Meat, Bones, Organ meat, Grass Spouts, fruit
Natures Variety

Other BARF items and supplement suppliers:

Marina Zacharias  541-899-2080

Wapiti bones.  Wapiti is the Native American name for Elk.

Other educational websites on Natural Feeding:

Robert Jamieson

Whole Dog Journal subscription information:
PO Box 420235, Palm Coast, FL 32142-0235, 900/829-9165,


Homeopaths and Veterinary Homeopaths

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association:

National Center for Homeopathy:

Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy: